Don't dream it's over

This August I'm making my debut as a published author. Not in a newspaper, that debut has been and gone, but in a real, hard copy book. I know, it's exciting. Hard copy? Book? You may be thinking. Yes, despite the fact that we live in an age of digital convergence where technology often trumps paper* these things are still being published. And as far as hard copy publications go, this one is gold for the format - given its topic. 

Don’t Dream It’s Over: Reimagining Journalism in Aotearoa New Zealand is a multi-author book that explores the changing nature of journalism in this country: as it once was, as it is today, and how we might imagine it working in the future.

The team behind the book, Freerange Press, are crowdfunding some of the production costs. Given the fact I've spent time researching crowdfunding for journalism, it would be ridiculous if I didn't get involved with sharing their crowdfunding campaign.  So, here it is, they're on the home stretch - check out the campaign, which will give a complete overview of the book - and if you'd like a hard copy piece of New Zealand's history, then rattle some change their way. 

 ‘We are at a critical time for journalism in New Zealand – either reimagine the future of media or watch it wither. And it’s not enough to reimagine a future based on the old media models – we need to reorganize and rethink the role of journalism a society where anyone can report news. Pausing to reflect, take stock and generate new perspectives on New Zealand’s journalism industry – as this book does - is an important step in this reimagining.’ – Hannah Spyksma (contributing author)  

My chapter will be discussing how some of New Zealand's leading NGOs are responding to our changing media landscape, including relaying some pretty interesting commentary on whether or not charities have a role to play in producing journalism. I'm pretty chuffed (read: super humbled) to be featured alongside some of the names I respect most in New Zealand's media scene - Mihirangi Forbes, Paula Penfold, Russell Brown and Simon Wilson to name a few. It's got a stellar line up and the book is going to be a goodie. 


* I don't really think technology always trumps paper. We're always going to be drawn to having hard copy books that you can fold the pages of, scribble over, sniff the fresh ink and occasionally use as door stoppers. Just saying.