Humanitarians of tinder, NGOs, advocacy + journalism

The tricky business of 'helping': An unused aid-post on the island of Nguna, off the coast of Efate, Vanuatu

Ahead of Reimagining the Future coming out, I had a little chat with one of the book's Advisory Board members Sarah Illingworth. Sarah is the editor of Impolitikal, a slow news website and pretty darn cool initiative to get people from around the world talking in a way that breaks through the noise.

Similar to me, Sarah has recently finished her Master's degree and has been studying development, technology, NGOs and the media. Fair to say we could chat on the topic for hours. So we kind of did. Via a Weblog, which is now up on Impolitikal. As well as dissecting some of the challenges of advocacy and journalism colliding thanks to digital media, we gloss over humanitarians of tinder, barbie saviour and voluntourism. I know, barbie saviour. This was new to me too. 

This is such a complex topic - not the humanitarians of tinder - but the whole advocacy vs news thing - and Sarah did a great job of summarising our discussion in a way that really captures some of the strands of various conversations I've had over the past year. So thanks Impolitikal and Sarah for facilitating this discussion! And here's to many more late night/early morning/across the world email chains....

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